The beauty of our craft is that it does not come from a textbook. It is passed from the hands of one to the hands of another.

In the ever-evolving world of hairdressing, consistent education and practice is the only way to hone one's skills. Whether we are new to the industry, or have been practicing for many years, there is always an opportunity for growth and advancement. The best way to break free of habits and behaviors that are leaving you bored and uninspired behind the chair is to challenge your current way of thinking.



Create a strong understanding of theoretical and hands-on knowledge in this foundational class focusing on the what, how, and why of haircutting.



Take your skill to the next level in this advanced class. Explore principles of artistic balance and design while working with combination and creative haircuts.



From foundation to creation. In this innovative class, live models provide the opportunity for you to advance your consultation skills, understanding of suitability, and technical design.

All classes led by Casandra Cutter and can be facilitated as one-on-one, group, or in-salon sessions. Customized agendas are also available. Contact for inquiries and pricing.